Historic Sites

Stumpy Tower

Knockcushan Street, Girvan, KA26 9AG

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Stumpy Tower also known as Auld Stumpy sits in a prominent position in Girvan town centre. The tower was built in 1827 to replace the former jail that used to sit on the southwest corner of market square.

The old jail badly needed replacing as its thatched roof made it too easy for prisoners to make their escape. Law and order restored, Stumpy acted as the main jail in the town until in the 1870’s a new jail and police station was established.

Some believe the name Auld Stumpy is a derivative of the Gaelic Olladh Stiom Paidh, which meant the “Great Circle of Justice”  Today the tower is operated by the South Ayrshire Council and has exhibits of police memorabilia and a 16th century wrought iron cannon inside.

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